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Kumoricon 2013 Black Butler Panels

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 14, 2013, 10:15 PM

Black Butler Tea Party

(All ages-- 13+ Recommended)
Sunday (Day 2) 
1:30pm - 3:30pm
Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)
Come join the characters of Black Butler for one hell of a party. Ask questions, play games with our hosts, and maybe win a prize or two! All Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji cosplayers are welcome! Come early and you might even see your favorite pairing be wed! Without a little fan service, what kind of panel would this be?

Black Butler Pajama Party

(Adults Only -- 18+ Handstamp required for all entrants, INCLUDING PANELISTS!)
Monday (Day 2)
12:00am - 2:00am
Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)
Left the Tea Party unsatisfied? Please accept our sincerest apologies, put on your nightcaps, and allow the Tea Party hosts to provide you with some more adult entertainment in this late-night panel. We'll play truth or dare, and indulge all of your fan-pairing fantasies. (Well, ALMOST all of them.) All adult Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji cosplayers are welcome!

Panel Host Sign-Up

If you want to be a host, send me the following information to 

Picture of Cosplay: 
Experience with Character: (RP, Previous Cosplay, etc.)
E-mail/Phone Number:
Availability: (All-Ages, 18+, both)

Selection Info

 There will only be one of each character hosting
 First applicant for both panels with a complete cosplay is given priority
 Hosts are asked to have a simple Pajama themed cosplay for the 18+ Panel
 Final panel cast may be limited to main characters
 No panel experience needed to sign up for hosting, but improv skill is desired 

Confirmed Cast

 Confirmed Host (Alternates still Welcome)
 Unconfirmed Host (Limited Availability, Incomplete Cosplay, or Alternate)

Ciel Phantomhive: Catchmewithyourlips
Sebastian Michaelis: Zenneth |  TheDemonSebastian 
Grell Sutcliffe:  GayMenDancing
William T. Spears:  TheVampireLeigh
Madame Red: Suyorumi
Claude Faustus: PhantasmPhantomhive
Alois Trancy: xxToki 
Hannah Anafellows: Ansem06
Beast: trmbngrl
Drocell Keinz: TheHorridHatter
Pluto: nekovamp13

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hissorihaka Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for joining and welcome to :iconrinmatsuoka-fc:!

I hope you enjoy your stay. Hug
Have fun and remember to keep on lovin' Rin! Love

Also, one more thing. The group is trying to have its first contest, please go to the main page to read the journal. I really hope you enter! Love

Free! Stamp: Chibi Rin by wow1076
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